udo moll - trumpet harmonium electronics
matthias muche -trombone raagini
sebastian gramss - double bass


das mollsche gesetz was established in the summer of 2004
as an improvisational research project.
Two significant laws have been applied to the work:

1. no piece lasts longer than 60 seconds

2. each piece is followed by a break of the same length (as the piece itself...)

These simple yet radical rules change to a profound extent the way
that music is created, but also how it is perceived by the audience.
On stage the format requires the greatest possible degree of clarity and
precision as well as quick decision making. In the auditorium it requires
focusing on the moment (the perceived present lasts 30 seconds) and
increases the likelihood of becoming unnerved, thus resulting in a sharpening
of the senses. The breaks invite the audience to shift its focus from
finite to infinite and they serve as resonance space in time.





    udo moll
    matthias muche
    sebastian gramss