sebastian gramss - double bass


Sebastian Gramss lives close to cologne and works as a double bass player,
cellist and composer. In his younger days he won several musical-youth
contests and studied classical music in Stuttgart. Later on he studied
double bass and jazz composition in Amsterdam and Cologne.
1993 he founded the renowned group „Underkarl“. Besides chamber
music he also composed for radio plays, film and theatre, for example
2005 for the leading german choreographer Pina Bausch.

Extensive touring led him through Africa, Asia, Russia and the USA. Gramss was nominated several times for the jazz award of the south-west german broadcast,
he won the „creole“-worldmusic-award with Marjana Sadovska and the Art-Omi scholarship for a residency in New York.

"Sebastian Gramss is a masterful bass player, establishing his
ability to play full dark lines, then demonstrating a
consistently firm grasp of arco technique..."

(Cadence Magazine, New York)






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