matthias muche -trombone raagini


Matthias Muche lives in Cologne and works as a trombone player
and media artist. He studied Music and Art at the conservatories of
Cologne and Amsterdam, as well as at the academy of media arts Cologne.
His work with dancers and multimedia artists, as well as with jazz,
modern-music, and multicultural music groups at the North Sea
Jazzfestival Den Haag, Moers Festival, Jazzdor Festival Strasbourg,
GetItLouder Festival Shanghai/Beijing and the Cairo International
Festival For Experimental Theatre - is representative of the
great variety and flexibility of his artistic work.

In his Media Art projects he experiments with symbiotic, intertwined
auditory and visual compositional processes, and concepts
presentation formats which motivate, intensify and feedback one another.
Together with Sven Hahne he is the founder and artistic director of the interdisciplinary Festival FRISCHZELLE






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