catalogue of improvisation 2007

Following the headline „catalogue of improvisation“, das mollsche gesetz arranged a 6-part concert series in 2007. the basic idea was
to give the audience the possibility to experience six quite diverse
approaches towards improvisation in music. thanks to the constant
aesthetic factor represented by the mollsche gesetz, the individual
approaches of the guests are provided with a clear framework which
makes them comparable with insight. additionally, for each concert the basic parameters of improvisation, such as time structure for sound and silence,
choice of material etc, are negotiated anew with the guest of the evening.

The guests represent very diverse genres of current musical activities : experimental minimal-techno (institut für feinmotorik), New York Downtown-Avantgarde (elliott sharp), contemporary music (tilbury, de alvear, mitterer),
media arts (negron/orozco) and avantgardistic skandinavian vocal experiments (endresen). this variety is complemented by the mollsche gesetz with its clear conceptual framework. the audience experiences the creation of music at its origin. by revealing the most important parameters, the mollsche gesetz creates an additional intellectual excitement to follow the course of the sounds.

Integral part of the „catalogue“ is a documentation which consists of a lavishly designed catalogue with cd.
all concerts were accompanied by an internationally renowned photographer
(Philip Lethen) and a music journalist (Raoul Mörchen), who contributed photos
and essays for the catalogue. all concerts were meticulously recorded,
the highlights are published on the cd.

you can buy the cd & catalogue at the wergo-shop.



1. concert : 2. May 2007 Designpost Köln ----------------------------------------
das mollsche gesetz meets Maria de Alvear (voice),
Luis Negron & Juan Orozco (video-art)

"...If the trio itself is already the product of three times one, then
Maria de Alvear multiplies not only with the sound and the movement of
her voice, but also with the sense of the words on top of everything else.
Ensemble and solo are the poles and there are worlds between them:
ramified quintets, microscoped primal sounds, stretched outcries,
collective invocations, isolated amazement, sometimes even a little song."



2. concert : 8. May 2007 Neptunbad Köln ----------------------------------------
das mollsche gesetz meets John Tilbury (piano)

"...Tilbury, who was born in 1936 and is a highly honored veteran of the
legendary Scratch Orchestra, is not only superb at scratching, but even
better at caressing. He smoothly caresses the keyboard, which then issues
sounds as if by chance. They take a curious peek instead of impudently
asserting that they always knew which way to go. At the end of the
expedition, nothing has been found except for the path taken together."



3. concert : 14. May 2007 Girkeller Köln -----------------------------------------
das mollsche gesetz meets Elliott Sharp (guitar & clarinet)

"...A roller coaster ride. A huge amount of activity in the tightest of spaces,
speed if not even haste, and then rambling gazes across waste lands
with isolated points on the horizon. Only the space between the movements
remains the same. It stretches across a short quarter of a minute.
No equal weighting, but rather: section, cut, breather."




4. concert : 11. September 2007 Johanneskirche Düsseldorf --------------
das mollsche gesetz meets Wolfgang Mitterer (organ & electronics),
Luis Negron & Juan Orozco (video-art)

"...While the edges of the events flow far into the silent minutes,
it is brewing within, the overall scene is strengthened by new
impulses, tied up by long lines, recolored or the perspective is shifted.
Occasionally the sounds tower all the way up to under the vaults and enjoy
the grandeur that the space bestows upon them. Right in the
middle of all this, heavenly beings and enigmatic words fly across
Luis Negron and Juan Orozco's screens, feed associations that
the location has already awakened, tell little stories, lay tracks -
to the sound as well - and disorient."



5. concert : 23. October 2007 Stadtgarten Köln -------------------------------
das mollsche gesetz meets
Sidsel Endresen (voice)

"...No information can be expected from the splendid Norwegian
voice virtuoso Sidsel Endresen: she says what she has to say in
foreign languages and changing dialects. Messages from another world,
rituals of a distant culture or simply baby talk? Slowly the isolated
sounds stretch and unfurl to form clear tones, nestle closer together
and then form chains, curves and lines, which often circle around
fixed axes as if they want to make use of self-generated gravity.
Songs without words to be certain, but in the end they are songs
nonetheless. And the listener can keep pondering what they
might be about: the music always seems to be informed."



6. concert : 19. December 2007 Stadtgarten Köln ----------------------------
das mollsche gesetz meets
Institut für Feinmotorik (turntables)

"...Instead of spontaneous responses, calm momentum is the guiding
principle. Scratching, hissing, sometimes more loudly and sometimes
more quietly flowing repetitive patterns are provided to the hosts
as both a background and point of departure for those who are
more flexible. But the further the disks spin and make their
rounds, the more tolerance the Gesetz shows...."




"catalogue of improvisation" will be continued from 2009 on !



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