BEETHOVEN redux -----------------------------------------------------------------------

das mollsche gesetz with Juan Orozco & Luis Negron (video-art)



The 9 sinfonies in 60 minutes.

During the premiere of Beethovens „Eroica“ a spectator sighed :
„i would happily give a kreutzer if the damn thing could finally end!“
...we hear you !

Beethoven's 9 sinfonies add up to 37 single movements, each one of which gets devoted its 60 seconds, with the necessary breaks inbetween we arrive at a good hour of performance time. How do we manage to reduce 349 minutes of music
(at a conservative interpretation of the tempi) to 37 minutes of pure musical duration with the interpretation of the mollsche gesetz ?

There is a multitude of musical approaches, for each movement of the sinfonies the procedure which suits best, completely un-dogmatic. We will extract secondary voices from the score and reassemble them, redefine the instrumentation, isolate sounds, dissect and superimpose certain rhythms, find new timbres for well-known themes. There are improvising approaches, electronic alienations, samples
and playbacks of historical recordings.

Everything comes out of Beethoven, but often it will not be identifiable directly, there will be no ostensible recognition effects, no Tatatataa in the first movement of the 5. but a constant changing between the familiar and the new, between emanations of the Meister and incredulous amazement. „Is this still Beethoven ?“ By all means.
But it is also by creative artists, rooted in the present.



Beethoven redux is a work in progress. In the autumn of 2006, the 7. and 8. sinfonies were performed by us at the Frischzelle-Festival in Cologne.




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